Joel Overton (dot com)

I do clever stuff to help lovely people get their ideas across on screen & in print.

What kinda stuff? That depends. I might be designing, developing, writing, animating, baking, or just getting worked up and gesticulating wildly. Whatever it takes.

In June 2011 I joined an amazing start-up called zeebox, set to revolutionize the way people watch TV. In September 2012 we launched in the USA. I'm not currently available for freelance work.

Broadwater Finance
Holly Madge, Percussionist
Kinki (Club Night)
Evolve (Membership Consultation)
Fresh Magazine
SUSU Elections

Broadwater Finance

Sometimes I code things...

From time to time my jQuery gland gets a little overactive and I churn out javascript widgets I don't even need. Here's where I keep them. Click any example to view and download it courtesy of They're all released under the MIT license, which means print it out and eat it for all I care, but I won't be held responsible when you come back covered in paper cuts. Some of them need a bit of debugging for IE7/8. That's left as an exercise for the reader, should the reader be silly enough to want these widgets for commercial purposes.


Simple Flickr Photo Pile

This is a jQuery clone of the adorable Flash gallery at It performs better than the Flash on some machines and worse on others. PhotoPile is the interface class, and SimpleFlickr is a basic class for fetching photos from Flickr.

Photo Pile Drop

I've been playing with the new drag & drop file-handling stuff in newer browsers. I thought it'd be fun to combine it with PhotoPile. This displays but doesn't upload your photos. You can drag & drop multiple files, but it gets a bit slow if you insert too many.