Joel Overton (dot com)

I do clever stuff to help lovely people get their ideas across on screen & in print.

What kinda stuff? That depends. I might be designing, developing, writing, animating, baking, or just getting worked up and gesticulating wildly. Whatever it takes.

In June 2011 I joined an amazing start-up called zeebox, set to revolutionize the way people watch TV. In September 2012 we launched in the USA. I'm not currently available for freelance work.

Broadwater Finance
Holly Madge, Percussionist
Kinki (Club Night)
Evolve (Membership Consultation)
Fresh Magazine
SUSU Elections

Broadwater Finance

Some of my (not so) recent work...


The Amateur Transplants

In January 2010, @amateuradam asked me to create branding and a website for the 2010 tour of the Amateur Transplants – that sweary musical comedy duo who wrote The London Underground Song.

The project was extended to include marketing materials, a 16-page programme, and a range of merchandise. The tour and subsequent Edinburgh Festival run were both sell-outs. Not that I'm trying to claim any credit for that. That was all down to the naughty songs.

Kinki – Club Night

Playful poster, billboard & flyer to promote the brand's personality

Fresh Magazine 2010

A 48-page publication with an annual print run of 10,000, mailed to new students along with a DVD.

Fresh Mag took over from the rather less interesting “Student Handbook” in 2002, but for years it still felt like more of a handbook than a magazine. In 2009, as Editor & Lead Designer, I set about making it much more authentic: a good read, focusing on what students want to know, with more consistency in its style and appearance.

Read Fresh Magazine 2009

In 2010, we also developed a second, 'listings' issue of Fresh for students to read on arrival. This continuity improved the transition from home to uni and helped reinforce SUSU's main messages.

Read Fresh Magazine 2010 Issue #2

SUSU is Evolving

As SUSU's Communications Manager, I ran a membership consultation to find out how well we measured up to the expectations of students and staff.

To analyse the written answers, I created Fractus: an explorable word cloud. Manipulate the wordy data by merging synonyms, removing useless words, and drilling down into interesting topics.

SUSU Elections 2010 – Interactive website features

Over the last few years I've created a number of widgets to convince people to nominate, vote, and stay engaged with the Elections process – like the Trail Mix, a live-updating snapshot of the campaign trail based on a jQuery plugin of mine.

The most interesting challenge was to graph an AV result, showing how votes are transferred between rounds. In 2009 I created some Flash classes to do just that, reading votes from an XML file. Click the graph to advance through the rounds.

I also designed and built the website for Elections Night Live – a live, 3-hour HD broadcast watched by thousands – and the 'watch again' player with chapter selection, as well as contributing to the production of VTs and stings for the show.

The Cookit Food Co

As a contractor for Buckle Consulting, I produced a logo, print advert and website design for this tasty start up aimed at students.

Broadwater Finance

As a contractor for Buckle Consulting, I updated the logo of this insurance company, designed & built a website template, wrote introductory copy and designed their business cards.

Holly Madge, Percussionist

I don't have a written testimonial from Holly, but I'm sure she won't mind me saying that the first draft of this design got her jumping up and down in her dressing gown. That was a career highlight.